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Web Sites

It’s More Than Binary

Programming Your Digital Future.

At home in the internet.

These days, the way a company is presented on the internet is often the first impression prospective customers get. A person, a company, an association or an institution appears outdated and insignificant without an appealing website. The website must also be browser- and device-independent – on a computer as well as on a mobile phone or tablet. We provide you with an Internet presence that is customised to you and your needs. It doesn’t matter whether you just want to put a contact address on the web or shine with a complex online-based multimedia application.

Administration Systems

You Are in Charge.

Organising Content.

Maintenance made simple.

Invisible to the general user, processes are constantly running in the background of a website, enabling a customer-friendly interface. Our administration systems are designed for diversity and efficiency at the same time. We can meet any requirement, from a simple online business card to complex applications with varied functionality. We also provide you with the opportunity to easily keep your site up to date yourself or to redesign it. On request, we can show you the relevant tricks and techniques in a small workshop, allowing you to achieve the intended result quickly and easily. Of course, we can also design and maintain the content for you.

Shop Systems

Successfully Selling Online.

Your Digital Show Room.

Simple and with strong turnover.

Online shops are nowadays a popular means for offering goods and services to a wide range of customers quickly and with low fixed costs. Whether as a stand-alone element or as a supplement to the existing retail shop, the potential for using this tool to operate beyond local restrictions is increasing. We will create a system customised to you, your customers and your products. We can do this as a newly set up website or by integrating it into your existing website.


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