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Realising a project can be extremely demanding in terms of organisation and processes. We support you from setting the goals to the design and control of the individual steps to the presentation of the results. With expertise and experience, we assist you with any project, whether it is a study office or the publication of a textbook: we keep track of everything, optimise processes and always keep you up to date. We are also happy to help you with the definition of interim goals, the development of goal-oriented processes and the illustration of individual milestones. Moreover, we can take over the entire communication for your project if you want us to.



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Planning and conducting a scientific study is more complex than it often appears from the outside. It involves many bureaucratic obstacles and a great deal of organisational effort. The majority of the issues you need to keep in mind and deal with in a timely manner can be taken care of by us. Our offer includes a comprehensive range of services around the topic of studies–from support in patient recruitment through diverse and far-reaching communication tools and the preparation of ISF materials (CRF, patient information, delegation log, etc.) to the entire study coordination between sponsor and centre to data collection and processing for biometric analysis. In addition to the GCP certificate, we bring extensive experience as a research office for numerous medical studies.





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Unternehmen kommunizieren ständig – sei es zwischen Abteilungen oder nach außen mit Behörden, Institutionen und anderen Unternehmen. Wenn zusätzlich neue Ideen und Projekte hinzukommen, können die Vernetzungen jedoch auch Fallstricke darstellen. Dabei benötigt es oft nur einen zentralen Ansprechpartner, der geschickt und effizient plant, koordiniert sowie kontrolliert. Die Steuerung von Kommunikationsprozessen spielt insbesondere auch bei der Bewältigung von Krisensituationen eine wichtige Rolle. Mit unserer Expertise und viel Feingefühl sorgen wir für eine reibungslose Kommunikation.




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